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Friday, February 06, 2009

Britain Engulfed by Storms (in a teacup)

The British Isles has been overwhelmed by storms this week - and one of them was even related to the weather. Blighty's Blog is only just recovering from paroxysms of mirth over the "Storm in a Teacake" affair (see last post). Now our sides are splitting anew over the latest storm to sweep through the Excited Queendom.

Britain is broiling over a double golliwog scandal. First, the daughter of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was fired by the BBC ... for being the daughter of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher AND for having used the word "golliwog" in connection with a French tennis player. The offence (the golliwog reference, that is) was uttered off-air in a private room in a private conversation.

Writing in today's Daily Mail about the Thatcher sacking, Lindsay Johns said:

"As a black writer and broadcaster, I find the BBC’s stance patronising and divisive. I don’t want some well-heeled, ivory tower managers presuming that they have the right to speak on my behalf, quivering with synthetic outrage as they try to articulate my supposed sense of grievance ..."

But even worse! Her Majesty the Queen has been profiting from the sale of golliwogs in the souvenir shop at her Sandringham estate. Her Majesty has ordered the dolls to be withdrawn from sale and has apologized to the nation for any offence the cuddly little toys may have caused.

For the record and contrary to popular belief, it is NOT illegal to sell golliwogs in the UK (or in Canada). According to a poll conducted by Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, an overwhelming majority of the British people wish to keep it that way.

So while the world hovers on the brink of financial ruin Britain pre-occupies itself with controversies over teacakes and dolls - how very quaint. But at least it keeps their minds off the weather. Dear old Blighty is being pounded with the kind of snow that is usually reserved for most parts of Canada - and you can't buy a decent snow shovel there for love or money.

Footnote: Golliwogs are shamelessly offered for sale at Blighty's Tuck Store.

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