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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

6 Brits to Throw a Gong at: #3 George Best

In British slang the word "gong" means a medal. It originated in the military but now enjoys widespread use. When Blighty's Blog throws a gong at somebody it means we admire his or her achievements.

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A Shoe or a Gong?

There are some Brits that leave me wondering. Should I throw a gong at them, or should I throw a shoe at them? Blighty's Blog has picked a list of Brits to throw a shoe at; we'll be dealing with those miscreants in a later series of posts.

The Shoe! No, the Gong!
But George Best? My first inclination is to throw a shoe at him. He prematurely robbed the world of a unique soccer talent that delighted millions. At the same time he deserves a gong for bringing that talent to us in the first place.

The Best Ever
There are many who say that George Best was the greatest soccer player who ever lived - or ever will live. Most of those people are from Northern Ireland, or they are Manchester United fans. This Englishman will stand alongside them and say "me too".

[For the record I am a Crystal Palace fan; go ahead and scoff if you like but believe it or not there are two of us in Canada].

Magnet Man
Who else is there to compare with this man? Pele? Ronaldo? Johnny Byrne (Crystal Palace 1960-62)? George had the gift of magnetism in his feet. The ball would seem to stick to him as if by magic. Using his magical magnetism he would twist and turn his way past defenders and find the net.

Fast Cars, Women and Booze
George was also a magnet for pretty girls. He collected Miss Worlds. He is quoted as having said: "I spent most of my money on fast cars, women and booze ... and I squandered the rest". His lavish lifestyle was his demise.

The finest talent the world has ever seen faded due to his incurable alcoholism. George Best passed away 25th November 2005 of a liver infection related to his drinking.

Blighty's Blog would like to literally throw a gong at him.

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