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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Visit to Aidensfield

There was a break in the rain for part of my recent visit to the UK. I took advantage of it to drive over the North Yorkshire Moors and through the beautiful little moorland village of Goathland. This picturesque village sits on top of the moors a few miles from Whitby. It is a very small village but it attracts a huge number of visitors every year. Several busloads of tourists were strolling through the place while I was there. Of course, Goathland is the filming location for the enormously popular TV show "Heartbeat".

I enjoyed lunch in the Goathland Hotel (aka the "Aidensfield Arms") and spent a few pounds in the souvenir shop inside "Scripps Garage". The village and the buildings in which the TV show is filmed look just like you see them on TV. If you are travelling to the UK this summer and your travels take you to Yorkshire, then put "Aidensfield" on your itinerary. You can reach Goathland by road, or even better take a ride on a steam train with the North Yorkshire Moors railway. Trains out of Whitby station stop at Goathland.

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