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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

True Blue But Pink Stinks

Ever wonder where the expression "true blue" came from? It dates all the way back to medieval times where the cloth dyers of Coventry developed a blue dye that would not fade when washed. The full expression is "as true as Coventry Blue".

The expression has come to mean faithful, trustworthy or reliable. Blue has also traditionally been the colour associated with boys. At the same time, pink has always been the colour associated with girls. But a pressure group in the United Queendom, eschewing the massive disruption caused by the global economic meltdown and the imminent demise of civilization due to climate change, is focussing on banning the colour pink.

"Pink stinks" they say. Forcing young girls to wear pink clothes condemns them to a life of femininity, they claim. Perish the thought! Blighty's Blog London bureau staff member Carna Bystreet reports that many British men think it's actually rather jolly good that ladies are brought up to be feminine.

Meanwhile, a newsflash just received at Blighty's Blog headquarters reveals that Mexican women have a different point of view. A new fleet of pink taxis has hit the streets of the Mexican capital and every one of the vehicles has a lady driver.

So young British men, when all the girls in Britain's streets have adopted drab grey fashions to match the drab grey skies, say Hola Mexico where the sky is a bright sunlit blue and the girls aren't afraid to be girls.

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