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Thursday, June 17, 2010

England Will Win World Cup for First Time Since 1066: FIFA Spokesman Vuvu Zela

England's confident World Cup team issued a bold statement in South Africa this morning. "We will win it all" claims a secret change room informant who wishes to remain anonymous but is, in fact, a Mr Alfred Ramsey of Dagenham, Essex.

Tension is already building between the English and German teams as they anticipate a tense replay of the grudge match in the 1066 World Cup final where the good guys beat the bad guys 4-2 in overtime at the old Wembley Stadium.

Questions have been raised about the rivalry between the two national teams such as: "was it really as long ago as 1066 when England last won the World Cup?" Soccer spokesman Mr Phut Ball of Bradford, Yorkshire explains: "yes, I learn about it in school; 1066 very big year for England."

Blighty's Blog's investigative reporter Sikh Andyeshallfind contacted FIFA at their office in South Africa to confirm the date of England's last win. We understand the telephone connection was very noisy and the conversation was hard to follow, but a FIFA spokesperson identifying himself as a Mr Vuvu Zela confirmed the date as "@#&*^%$66, yes it was @#&*^%$66".

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