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Monday, July 26, 2010

Hurrah, lots and lots of money!

Cor, struth! ... must be nice. Nice to work for the bloomin' British guvnorment I mean. It seems the fat cats who sit on the velvet benches in the Palace of Westminster have been feathering their own nests a little too finely. Her Majesty's civil servants have been equally unfettered with any reticence to insert their probosces into the public trough.

MPs and public servants have awarded themselves 24 carat pension plans that good old Britannia cannot afford to pay. Figures released by the new unholy alliance in power at 10 Downing Street show that every household in Britain is on the hook for ... wait for it ... TWENTY-NINE THOUSAND POUNDS to cover the over ONE TRILLION POUNDS funding shortfall for public pensions. Cor Blimey mate!

Well, now the bubble has burst. MPs pensions are being rolled back and the British government is facing pressure to act on inflated public sector pensions too.

One sign of the excesses hit the front pages of the British press today. A gypsy woman who was employed as an "inclusivity outreach worker" by two of London's borough councils has been apprehended by constables for excessive zeal in withdrawing funds from the public purse. She and an accomplice (who is already enjoying free board and lodging in one of Her Majesty's boarding houses for bandits) sought to fill their wagons with twelve million paper portraits of the Queen.

Gawd luv a duck. The old land of hope and glory has gawn bonkers, absolutely bonkers. Tsk ... tsk.

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