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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Free Eurotunnel Roundtrip!!!

Eurotunnel has just completed trials of a new service it believes will get the travelling public very, very excited.

Le Chunnel, completed at a cost of gazillions of Euros now offers travellers a uniquely thrilling experience that is sure to create a lot of excitement. Passengers will drive onto the new super trains and be transported through the giant sub-aqueous sandstone wormhole below the English Channel.

Entering the tunnel near Folkestone on the English side of the Channel, their journey will take them all the way to ... Folkestone, on the English side of the Channel. Eurotunnel's marketing department spokesman Monsieur Zut Alors told Blighty's Blog that the journey is FREE and that passengers who enjoy the trip will even be given a free ticket for a future journey through the tunnel in which they will actually be able to disembark on the French side.

Reports in the British press that the "marketing trial" was actually a cock-up in which French officials failed to notice that some vehicles had not been unloaded from the train in Calais were denied by Eurotunnel. Eurotunnel's Calais port boss Monsieur Taber Nacque stands by his story of an innovative marketing trial but insisted that the trial is complete and will not be repeated.

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