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Saturday, August 14, 2010

"That's the way to do it" says Canadian Government

The Fools on the Hill (aka the Government of Canada) are working tirelessly to protect Canadians from extremely dangerous substances that could seriously endanger their health. The Canadian Fool Inspection Agency recently intercepted and destroyed one particularly nasty substance.

The substance in question is a very nasty toxin originating in the United Queendom called Bisto Best Beef Gravy granules. Hazmat suited officials raided Pugwash the Pirate's warehouse in Toronto recently and carted off a shipment of this horrible toxin. The granules were taken to a government-approved destruction facility where, behind windowless concrete walls, they were securely destroyed by dissolving them in hot water.

Pugwash was billed hundreds of dollars to compensate HM Canadian Government for the costs of destroying the nasty little granules.

On the other side of the Atlantic Pond Bisto gravies have a 93% market share of annual gravy sales amounting to £91 million. Blighty's Blog understands that the annual British mortality rate from consuming Bisto gravy is less than one person.

Canada Fool Inspection Agency spokesperson, Mr P. Unch defended the raid on Pugwash's import warehouse in Toronto as "a necessary step to protect Canadians", adding "that's the way to do it!".

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