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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

British PM Takes Paternity Leave

New British Prime Minister David Cameron has been keeping a dark secret from the people of the United Queendom. Elected by the merest squeak of a majority only four months ago, the British supremo has now surprised the world by taking his hand off the tiller to be a new daddy.

Yes, following the birth of his new daughter Florence Rose Endellion Cameron, the PM will be exercising his statutory right to take parental leave.

Rumours that the country will be governed from European Union offices in Brussels while Captain Cameron is busy changing nappies have not yet been confirmed by Blighty's Blog.

And a spokesperson for Deputy PM Nick Clegg has dismissed another rumour that, while in charge at Downing Street, young Nick will pass an Order-in-Council forcing all public servants (which includes the PM) to take a mandatory year's parental leave - effective immediately.

But, the big secret is not that the Conservative Captain was planning to take maternity leave as soon as he was elected. Blighty's Blog Buckingham Palace correspondent Elizabeth Scorgis uncovered the shattering real truth during a visit by the Tory Titan to the Palace this week.

The real reason for the PM's leave of absence is not about helping First Lady Samantha Cameron change diapers; Mr Cameron wants to spend some quality time with his new puppy Foo-Foo.

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