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Friday, August 07, 2009

6 Brits to Throw a Shoe at: #3 Ant Andec

The world has become familiar with the symbolism of throwing a shoe at somebody ever since the well-publicized incident in which a disgruntled middle-eastern gentleman hurled a shoe at former US President George W. Bush. When Blighty's Blog throws a shoe at somebody it means we feel the same way. Want to throw a shoe at some famous Brit? Tell us who.

There is an old saying: "lie down and you'll be trodden on; stand up and you'll be shot at". I don't remember who said it first and, frankly, I can't be bothered to look it up. It is really not important anyway (unless you own the copyright). The point is, if you present yourself as a target, somebody is going to shoot at you. Well actually, to be precise, Blighty's Blog is going to throw a shoe at you. And what better way to present yourself as a target than to appear on television. So, no surprises then when we reveal that all six of our "throw a shoe at" targets have been on TV.

Batter with Bata
Of course, not everybody who appears on TV deserves the shoe. I was interviewed on live TV in Toronto once and nobody threw a shoe at me. Ant Andec, on the other hand deserves the entire contents of the Bata Museum to be thrown at him.

Who's Who?
Ant Andec is another of those inseparable duos like Colin Andjustin (who are still licking their wounds from Blighty's Blog shoe impacts). Ant Andec, let me stress, are not a couple; they are a performance duo. Ant Andec is comprised of two persons: Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly who use the real stage name "Ant & Dec". Even though they look strikingly dissimilar, nobody knows, nor cares, which is which; they are simply Ant Andec.

Say What?
Ant Andec is a ubiquitous act on British television (that means they seem to appear bloody everywhere). They have even transported their Geordie accents to the Excited States where heavens knows how Americans are going to understand them.

Dark Side
They appear to be a nice, clean cut young man but they have a dark side. Ant Andec was involved in a scandal on British TV in which viewers were asked to vote for performers appearing on their show. British regulators discovered that the voting was rigged. Performers had been selected based on their appearance and suitability for being on TV. Some votes were wasted because the result had already been decided. Ant Andec was found to be personally involved in the incident. Nice young man image - tarnished!

Ant Andec blamed the voting irregularities on poor quality phone lines. Piff! Now they are reportedly being sued by a Greek gentleman called Anthony Kalloniatis for trademark infringement and fraud. The indignant Greek is seeking thirty million dollars to heal his wounded pride. Blighty's Blog is going to hand him the shoe we had in store for Ant Andec. Go for it Anthony - let 'em have it.

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