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Friday, August 14, 2009

6 Brits to Throw a Shoe at: #6 Jeremy Clarkson

The world has become familiar with the symbolism of throwing a shoe at somebody ever since the well-publicized incident in which a disgruntled middle-eastern gentleman hurled a shoe at former US President George W. Bush. When Blighty's Blog throws a shoe at somebody it means we feel the same way. Want to throw a shoe at some famous Brit? Tell us who.

How do you throw a shoe at a man who has personally driven a high speed transport truck into a brick wall - deliberately?

A shoe? Come on, this guy is nearly invincible. He drove a car painted with provocative slogans through a redneck district in the Excited States and survived the pursuit of a mad-as-hell posse in the back of the pickup truck that ran him outa town.

In another controversial episode he drove a truck across the perilous ice of the frozen Arctic Ocean from Resolute Bay to the Magnetic North Pole in Canada.

And we want to throw a shoe at him? It had better be a bloody big shoe. Who is this guy? And why the shoe? He is an Englishman called Jeremy Clarkson, anchor host of the extremely popular BBC TV show "Top Gear". So what did he do to deserve the shoe?

Poor PM
Few will be concerned at Jeremy's disdain for British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. His comments about the prime minister have been off-colour and ill-advised. But Gordon Brown is an unpopular prime minister and the terrible impact of the recession has bitten deeper in the United Queendom than it has here in Canada.

One Million Pounds
Nonetheless, million pound a year host Jeremy Clarkson has not been unaffected by cutbacks in public expenditure. Fewer and fewer supercars are showing up on Mr Clarkson's driveway these days. Times are tough. Tough times breed tough outbursts from those feeling the pinch the most.

High Body Count
And then there is the issue of British drivers having lead feet. Traffic seems to move at an incredible pace (except on roads leading to the coast on a rare sunny day). Every Brit drives as though the devil were on his tail. I'll give them their due; they manage to negotiate those narrow roads at high speed without leaving a high body count in their wake. I lay the blame for the great haste squarely on the lofty shoulders of Clarkson.

Canadian Military

Mr Clarkson is usually seen driving "supercars" around a race track in southern England that was built in WWII by the Canadian military. It would be a massive understatement to suggest that he is a keen advocate of speed. But then, he is above all a showman. And Top Gear is entertainment.

You have a lot to answer for Clarkson. Here is one of your favourite soft suede shoes headed your way. Are you ready? Duck now please.

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